If it doesn’t work…

Hey, everyone. I had this lengthy and elaborate post concerning the YA fantasy I’m working on, but I find this gif sums it up better.


So now that I have cleared the board, I’m ready to fill it with newer and better things. I’ve spent the past few days writing up its history before transitioning to the outline. And let me tell you, I’ve never been more fucking excited about this idea since its inception back in 2005. Every other iteration is utter garbage. But it’s garbage I had to write in order to get to where I am right now.

I’m also convinced this surge of creativity means I’ll be employed very soon. I’m only ever this inspired when work is involved. So may this be a peek into things to come!


Yet another NaNo centric post

“It can’t be reasoned with, it can’t be bargained with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.”

Terminator fans will recognize Kyle Reese’s accurate description of a Terminator. I think it can also apply to me these past few days, only my Sarah Connor is 50K words and I am a terminator of said words. With my ultimate goal fast approaching (I have a feeling it will be today), I took a moment to compare this year’s progress with last year. The stats speak for themselves.



I’ve already attempted to pinpoint the source of such frenzy but I think it’s better not to question. I am a frenzied WriMo this year because the story demanded me to be one. All stories are not created equal. Some explode onto the page, others trickle in drips and drabs. Others still burn fast and hot only to fizzle out. I have been in all three scenarios. All three present their own rewards and frustrations. I don’t regret working on any of them, even the ones that failed to cross the finish line.

As for this story, it will not stop at 50K. I will keep going because I still have a lot of story to tell. 50K is only the beginning.

NaNo progress report: days 15 and 16

This past weekend was the first of my vacation, so I was able to really focus on my writing. My sister and I spent some time at the bookstore yesterday, which is where things really caught fire. I closed out Sunday night just over 40K. The scenes I wrote were very emotional for me. Damn near started crying in the bookstore. The song I was listening to had a huge impact too. It’s the main theme from Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. Powerful stuff.


I had hoped to push that particular plot a little further into the story, but I am in no position to argue against the muse. She wanted it in chapter nine as opposed to nineteen, and so there it went. I certainly don’t regret writing it. The fallout from the event will color a character’s thoughts and actions for the remainder of the story. It won’t be until the very end that things start to shift to normal for her. Of course, she isn’t the only one who will experience rough patches. I am nothing if not generous with pain distribution.

I hope my fellow WriMos are as caught up in the creative fervor as I am regardless of word count. I have never believed NaNo to be just about getting to 50K. For me, it’s an opportunity to write free from the handwringing and lamenting over details that sometimes plagues my creative progress during the rest of the year. All the ‘Do my characters feel real and/relatable?’ ‘Will people hate my main character because he is perceived as too good?’ and ‘Am I using too many adverbs?’ concerns mean zip in November. I wish they meant zip all year long, if I want to be honest. Agonizing over the perfection of a craft tends to lead to its stagnation. Maybe that’s why I find so many recently published books to be sorely lacking. The content has been shaped and reshaped to fit the industry standard, so yeah, it gives the impression that every book reads like every other one. Sort of puts more pressure on the author to make damn sure their characters stand out, doesn’t it? No wonder people think we’re crazy.


Days 13 and 14

Nearing 34K words. I am on vacation now, so I expect my word count to keep climbing. The frantic pace has slowed some, but the story is still going strong. Characters can breathe a little. It won’t last. I can promise that.

I admit my latest scene was probably not the best (or most coherent). There was ramble as I tried to figure out what it was I wanted to do. Going to probably tweak the scene so it’s less awkward. One of the characters is wracked with grief over his lover’s potential demise, and he launched into this long winded monologue that another character happened to overhear. As I’m writing it I think, “Oh wow. Might wanna change that before things get weirder.” Editing shears have not been completely tucked in a drawer. I think we all go back, even if it’s a little bit.

Music plays a large role in everything I write. I created a playlist for the project, though lately I have been listening to the God of War 3 soundtrack. Its epic scope and frenzied pace provided the perfect score for what I was doing. The below track remains my fave. Love me some Poseidon.


I recently purchased the music for God of War 2, because you can never have too much epic on your playlist.

NaNo day 10

After a slight sputter in the narrative, the muse caught fire and led me to 21K words as of 12:30 AM on Monday morning. I had thought to only reach 18K, too- how’s that for progress?


Today finds me approaching the illustrious halfway mark. I know there is some word repetition, introducing a character’s love interest in the heat of battle might not be the best idea I ever had, and I am almost certain I lost track of my chapters. The magic is still happening. I am having so much fun with this story. It is starting to eclipse the enjoyment I felt when working on last year’s. I think it’s because I spent so much time agonizing over certain things that it sucked some of the fun from the project. It’s different this time. This time I have rediscovered the magic of NaNo, that poignant, powerful feel of writing to just WRITE, details be dammed. That’s the inspiration I want to share with my fellow WriMos. Remember the joy of the written word, and how much fun this craft truly is. Revisions and such are problems for the future. Create NOW.