I was born and raised in central New Jersey, and have been living in eastern Pennsylvania since 2012. I first started writing short stories back when I was twelve years old. These mostly consisted of ideas that was inspired from all the times my sister and I would play with our toys. My love for the written word- particularly fiction stories- grew as I went into high school. I was the kid who didn’t groan when book reports were issued or when we were tasked with coming up with original pieces for homework. I was constantly writing throughout high school. I had read a lot of romance, fantasy and science fiction growing up, and I chose fantasy as my gateway genre. For years I created, wrote, re-wrote and scrapped countless ideas before I committed to an epic fantasy titled THE LAST HERO. I spent three years just writing the damn thing; to date it remains the longest title I’ve done. It clocked in at about 1200 pages before I took the editing shears to it and shipped it to a publishing house. I admit, I took its rejection hard. I stopped writing for a while. But once the writing bug grabs you, it doesn’t let go. So I shelved it for the time being and turned my thoughts- and determination- to other things. 2004-2005 marked the simultaneous birth of three different titles: a young adult fantasy, THE SHADOW CONFLICT, a tragic love story about reincarnation, TO BE WITH YOU, and an action/adventure science fiction piece, RENEGADE. Years later, I added the fantasy/supernatural romance TAINTED, the contemporary paranormal LIFELINE, and the romance/historical fiction piece MERMAID’S COURAGE to my list of projects. THE SHADOW CONFLICT is most likely sitting on the slush pile at BAEN Books. I am currently focusing on revisions for LIFELINE.

In conclusion: my blog it is a place to celebrate my love for the written word. Maybe you will laugh, or nod your head in understanding. Maybe you will become inspired to keep at whatever it is you are working on. Writing itself is a solitary practice, but I believe that there is strength to be had in knowing others are going through the same trials and tribulations as you. I bid you all welcome, and happy writing!


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