Updates for Camp NaNo

Sometime last week, I determined that I wanted to try handwriting my draft. The prospect of finding a new notebook and pens got me super excited to begin, so I thought why not run with it? I’ve written eight pages so far. It’s my goal to add many more as the month progresses. It’s my desperate hope that I can translate what I wrote when the time comes to transfer it to a Word doc. I have a habit of writing really fast when I get into a scene. I’ve lost count of how often I end up confusing myself when I go back to re-read the previous page.


My Andrew Luck Pop makes a return engagement as my writing mascot.

Why handwrite when I have a perfectly good iPad? Simple. I was looking to shake things up a bit as far as the process goes. I don’t want to suffer another ‘failure’ for this Camp outing. I also like what I’ve written tons better. This is key. The relaxed atmosphere of Camp prevents me from filling pages with words just to say I’ve produced something. Now I am being more conscious of what I want to say. It just reinforces my decision to skip November’s NaNo this year. It pains me to do it since I love participating. But after two years of producing effectively useless drafts and spending the winter recovering from writer burnout, I think it’s the best course of action. My other stories were written at my own pace. Time to go back to it.

Hope my fellow Campers are enjoying success!

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