Getting that groove back

My writing had slowed some due to post-NaNo fatigue, but then I was hit with one of those unexpected curve balls life likes to throw. Sadly, writing took a backseat as I endured possibly the most painful week of my life. I’ll skip the details, but the good news it’s all over and I can focus again. There’s no excuse for me not to keep working. It’s my only project now. No distracting ideas to draw me from it.

Speaking of projects, some months ago I had submitted a YA fantasy to Baen Books. I finally got the rejection. It made me happy because there’s just no way I’d be able to shift gears for it. I’m not even sad about shelving it or the other ideas. I thought I would be considering how much effort I put into the characters and such. I suppose if I felt sad at every incomplete project, then I’d never be able to move on from them. The last thing a creative person wants is stagnation due to the inability to let go. And hey, I might try Baen Books again when this project of mine is complete. They’re more about sci fi than fantasy anyway.

Back to NaNo: anyone see the list of winner’s goodies they have this year? I thought about doing with the hard copy from Fast Pencil. I find having a physical copy will benefit me when it comes time for editing. I feel I see more when it’s in my hands versus on a computer screen. Plus I cobbled together a prototype cover that I’d slap on there just for fun. I have until the end of January to take advantage of this offer. I’d like it if I had the finished draft available rather than half. So I better get started!

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