NaNo Day 19: The Great Backtrack

Remember when I gushed about how happy I was that my main characters were acknowledged lovers? I could finally give in to my want to get sappy because when I describe my male lead I imagine this guy’s goddamn smile?


Well, turns out reality started to intrude on fiction. The post-declaration scenes did NOT fit no matter how much I wanted them to. Both my characters stopped behaving like they were supposed to because I insisted on lengthy pillow talk and ill-timed love confessions. My love for the idea of them being in love started draining all that was great about this idea. My focus went out the window. My writing came to a screeching halt. Suddenly, I started hating what I was scripting.

Insert panic mode.

Many WriMos experience this around this stretch. In all my years doing it, I only experienced this kind of story collapse once. My 2011 project fizzled at about 28K words. Why? Because I stopped caring about the plot and focused on lovey-dovey scenes. Romance, especially between characters I really love, takes over my brain until I can’t see straight. 2011’s story was beyond saving. 2015 is not going to follow suit.

To prevent this, I had to do something I never did before: cut scenes. I mean remove them from the manuscript. Keeping them present to maintain word count was out of the question. So rather than approaching 40K or 41K, I am back around 38K. I have spent the past two days sewing these scenes back together. The good news is my characters are back to who they’re supposed to be, the romance has been relegated to the backest of back burners, and my way ahead is clearing. This includes the introduction of a third character who will help them take down the Big Bad. Because let’s face it, I am asking WAY too much of just my two leads. There’s so much neither of them know. This third character will fill that role.

The good news here is all is not lost. I am still many days ahead, so reaching 50K is not an impossible task. It’s been a trying few days, but I have steadied my course. The story must go on. And so it shall.

Keep at it, WriMos! You got this!


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