Football puns, everyone. Be prepared for them.

Right. I am sitting at just over 38K right now. I’m in the second act (I think anyway), my characters are now acknowledged lovers and they’re more than ready to take down the Big Bad. Too bad this is going to be the highest they’ll ever be from a happiness perspective. The Big Bad is more than ready to drag you into a scandal that will deflate the living daylights out of your pigskins.

-insert collective groan-

I’m very happy with how things are going, even if some scenes fall flat or lack clear direction. I had to resist the want to go overboard with their first sex scene. I get it, me, you love these two. They’ve been wanting to love on each other since they met. Envisioning them in sappy scenes TOTALLY MAKES YOUR DAY since you modeled him after this adorably goofy guy.


There’s something so damn endearing about his smile ugh don’t look at me

Still, there’s a few things I need to work on when I start editing in December. The biggest two are the male lead’s lack of flaws and the schizophrenic tech. The story takes place in the future on Earth’s first colony. The tech is anywhere between Blade Runner and Total Recall right now. I also would love it if this thing would tell me its title. I’d love to call it something other than NaNo 2015 draft or Untitled.

Hope everyone else is having a great NaNo! I know I am.

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