NaNo week 1 is in the books

I am nearing 16K tonight. There’s a little part of me that looks at my word count and thinks, You should be at 22K by now what is WRONG With you?! Well, inner voice of dismay, last year I had the luxury of a week off in November. This year’s summer of surgeries drained my available PTO like a thirsty dog on a hot day. The good news is I have two guaranteed holidays (Veteran’s Day this Wednesday and Thanksgiving) so I have that to look forward to. Plus we have set our shows to record (American Horror Story and The Walking Dead) so the distractions have been reduced. Football, however, if life and I make sure I get enough writing in to allow myself the gift of watching big men in pads and tight pants fight and claw their way for yards. It also falls under the research category since my story focuses on a professional football league that more or less owns its players. I mean legit own, like the slaves in Gladiator.

My NaNo has been such a fun ride for me so far. There’s been some great scenes. There’s been some shitty ones. I’ve had great chemistry between my leads, Cassie and Drew. I’ve also had Cassie and Drew share wonky, OOC moments. Cassie goes from uncertain conspirator in Drew’s crusade to AW YEAH LET’S DO THIS. Drew switches between preaching patience to wanting to run headlong into trouble. We are all a work in progress. But hey, it IS progress. I’ll take what I can get.

That’s it from me. My adorable Andrew Luck Pop and I have to get back to the grind. Happy writing, all!

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