Here comes NaNo

My sporadic online presence regulates for the duration of NaNo. Then I, like many of my fellow WriMos, will retreat into the shadows to rest, recover, and revise. But that’s for the future. This is now.

Though I’ve gone into vast detail for the profiles for my main four characters, things are not set in stone. Just yesterday, I tweaked the overall plot and changed two characters’ names. I’m relatively sure who I want to start it with and where. I haven’t written the basic outline yet, but I know the direction the story will take. Between my fierce desire to write and an equally fierce desire to watch football (big Chiefs/Patriots fan here, whoo!), it’s going to be the most challenging NaNo yet. I’m up to it.

In continuing my mascot tradition, this year’s choice has very little to do with the story subject. I like to say it represents the anticipated mental struggle November will bring me. The real reason is I think Andrew Luck is adorable and cute things make me happy.


For now, I will be spending the rest of today preparing for tonight’s Samhain celebration. Blessed Samhain to all, and happy writing!

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