Preparing for NaNoWriMo 2015

I’m a few months early, but when inspiration strikes, far be it from me to ignore the muse’s insistent whispering. I will be delving into the realm of YA fantasy. The Chronos Connection tells the story of 14 year old Ally White who, upon finding an hourglass pendant, discovers she is descended from Chronos himself, and she must join her family, the Temporal Guardians, in order to stop the Lady in Black from subverting all time. But there’s a catch: the Lady in Black happens to be Ally’s future self from an alternate timeline. I’ve already laid out the basic outline and have the major characters lined up. Plus I love that it has a title already. Most of my stories get one much later. And even then it’ll change for whatever reason. I am very excited to work on it.

Time travel is one of those things that I love in my movies, but I was always hesitant to write about for fear of getting overwhelmed by details. I’ve decided to keep it simple, much like I did with the story I wrote back in high school. Of course, the time traveler in that became obsessed with a woman, kidnapped her, and forced her into a marriage she didn’t want in order to save her life. High school me thought that was the romantic thing to do. I was heavily influenced by my love for Phantom of the Opera. Adult me is so glad I’m a much smarter writer now.

I also watched an informative webinar courtesy of Writer’s Digest. Its host listed the top 20 pitfalls most writers make when they are submitting manuscripts. With some of them, such as the inclusion of prologues, unsympathetic characters, low/lack of stakes, and the reluctance to kill my darlings, I’m guilty as charged. It is comforting that so many others are guilty of it, too. So long as we acknowledge it and can clip it from our manuscripts, it’s not so bad. I save those darlings of mine in separate files. They may never show up in a piece again, but better they exist in some folder I never look at rather than drag my story down. Everything in its place and all that.

One comment on “Preparing for NaNoWriMo 2015

  1. Phantom of the Opera that brings back tons of memories. Loved the opera and the music. I read the book but it never captured me like the broadway show. Thanks for the good info and lovely memory trip.

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