Submission train keeps rollin’

Back in early May, I had submitted Renegade‘s first chapter to WILDSound Writing Festival for a review. While it didn’t make the cut to be performed at their festival (which I did not expect anyway), their comments about it were also not surprising. Comparing the plot to B grade science fiction is not only spot on, but a huge compliment because, duh, it’s pretty much the end result of my own love for the genre. Cheesy 80s sci fi GO. They did invite me to submit a revised draft at a lower cost (I paid $45 initially) but I’m not pursuing anything with the story as of now. I am keeping the option open, however.

Lifeline’s edits continue. I submitted the first 15 pages plus a short synopsis to Writer’s Relief. Every few months, they extend invitations for writers to submit projects for their personal client list. Last time, I submitted The Shadow Conflict and it was rejected based on limited markets. I feel better about Lifeline’s chances, but I also have to maintain a sense of honesty here: it runs just as much risk of getting rejected.

With Mermaid’s Courage tied up in the New Novel Contest for the Historical Novel Society until next month (long list winners will be announced them), I am focusing all efforts on getting Lifeline up to snuff. I’ve spent some time reflecting on the thoughts I outlined in my previous entry. I think it may be time to start getting serious about an author website. I may dislike the marketing aspect, but I can’t sit back and rely on luck or random searches netting me any notice.

Write on!

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