Life’s not so little interruptions

My younger sister recently underwent surgery, so my focus has been shifted to taking care of her while she recovers. Still, the writer’s muse continues to gather inspiration for projects past and present, even if I am not thinking about writing.

On contests: Submission of Renegade‘s first chapter to the contest hosted by Wildsound went smoothly. I expect to hear back from them within 3-5 weeks. All entries have the chance to be read aloud at the WILDSound Writing Festival, but that’s not why I entered. It’s the feedback I want. Having it read will be a bonus, but not one I’ll be sad about if it doesn’t get selected. I still have to wait until July to hear how Mermaid’s Courage fared. Really, really, really hoping it makes the grade. If not, there are other contests. Certainly no shortage of them. Am anticipating entering the 3 Day Novel contest. I’ve gathered more references to use in the story, which makes me super excited to work on it. Hell, I may write it even if it isn’t for that contest. So many elements of this story come straight from the heart. Never before have I placed so much of my own feelings into a character. Her story deserves to be written.

Now that I’ve completed the outline for Renegade’s sequel, the time to start writing has begun. Process has been slow due to outside distractions, but I am liking what I have. Simon is not in a good place, but he has an ally and a goal. It’s a good start. One that I don’t hate, anyway.

On books: I finished reading Andy Weir’s THE MARTIAN yesterday. My delight in reading a good sci fi aside, Andy Weir’s success with it isn’t what you’d expect. There wasn’t an exhaustive pursuit of agents and hundreds of rejections. He decided to write a story, posted it chapter by chapter on his website, where it gained popularity. He then offered it on Amazon for 99 cents, and booyah! Bestseller. He received a publication AND movie deal pretty much at the same time. The movie is slated to come out later this year. I also hear he’s working on a second novel. Good for him, I say. 🙂

While his success can be associated to what other writers are doing with their popular fanfiction (‘filing off the serial numbers), it’s also a clear indication that the publishing industry is evolving. Someone saw his story was already popular with readers, so they made him the offer. Half the work is already done for them. It makes good business sense to take in popular writers. I dislike that this process involves ficcers looking for an easy way to make it big, but for every one of those trend-driven books, I take comfort that there’s an Andy Weir in there who’s being given the chance we all dream of. We should celebrate it.


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