Renegade, reborn

Renegade has had quite the journey since I finished its first draft back in 2005. After several rejections and a failed attempt at self-publishing, I decided to remove it from the list of possible publishing candidates. As a result, I have posted it, in its entirety, on my Scribd page. The original plan was to put it on Booksie, but technical difficulties (and a distinct lack of communication from the support team) had me upload it elsewhere. Feeling up to a fun, action movie-esque adventure? Head on over to my Scribd account. While I don’t think it’s commercially viable, the story is still entertaining. Simon and Autumn remain two of my fave characters to write. Here’s my fave piece of Simon fanart, drawn by the awesomely talented Grant Gould. I’ve been friends with him for years. He’s living the nerd’s dream as a freelance artist for Lucasfilm. 🙂

simon_by_grantWith all this TLC I’ve devoted to Renegade, my plans for Camp NaNo have fallen on the wayside. I’m not bothered by it. The year has plenty of writing opportunities for me. There’s November NaNo, the second Author’s First Novel contest, plus I need to finish writing Mermaid’s Courage before July. I am also going to participate in the 3 Day Novel contest over Labor Day weekend. Of course, all this needs to be balanced with real life stuff. I am nothing if not lacking in challenges.

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