Passing the time

If I were to present a visual for how some aspects of my mind works, this would be it.

tenth doctor noWhy the back and forth? That’s easy to answer. I latch onto ideas until a) I get bored, b) something better comes along, or c) do something while preparing to do something else. Case in point, my decision to go back into my sci fi adventure piece, Renegade, and update it using what I’ve learned during prep for Mermaid’s Courage. I hadn’t planned on touching Renegade since I pulled it from the Create Space and Amazon websites. Then, I had thrown in the proverbial towel. Time does give you a better grasp of things, so rather than condemn it to the pits of hard drive despair, I’m putting it back online. Not for sale, mind you. Hell, I wouldn’t pay Create Space’s prices for it, and I wrote the damn thing. Renegade’s new home will be I figured offering it to readers for free (and with updated content) was the better plan. It’s still a fun story that deserves its day in the sun. I will provide links once it’s ready.

As for Camp, Lifeline remains the go-to project. Since what I plan to do involves heavy editing/revising, I will not be joining any private cabins. There will be no word count goal. I will work on it every day for 30 days. The plan is to have something more substantial for the Author’s First contest, as well as a solid synopsis.

Plans for Tainted were altered when I got it into my head to focus on Renegade. We shall see where I stand on it post Camp.

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