NaNo day 19: The Finishing

It pleases me to announce that after nineteen days of writing, I have reached the prestigious 50K mark. This was the fastest I have hit the goal in all my years of participating. And while there is certain to be repetition, sudden name changes and scenes that will need to be reorganized, the plot itself flowed. Any frustration I experienced had more to do with what character to go back to and less with plot elements. Because damn, is there a lot going on in this story. Characters are readying for war, another character is alone in the enemy’s camp, yet another character is trying to distance himself from the plot, while one other is starting to slowly realize that maybe the man he revered isn’t as awesome as he believed. Each storyline is designed to bring them to the same place at roughly the same time. Won’t THAT be fun for me to decide whose head to get into!

I knew that reaching 50K was not the signal of the end of the story. It’s the halfway mark for the characters. The other 50K will involve more discoveries, more surprises and more resolutions. And death. Can’t have a fantasy story without death. I already got upset writing a funeral scene for another character I hadn’t planned to kill. I can only imagine my reaction when the one whose death I DID plan comes to pass.

So write on, my fellow WriMos! I am going to continue the fun into December. Crazy to think that this is the third novel I have written this year, when I used to languish over one or two. It’s a good feeling.


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