NaNo progress report: days 15 and 16

This past weekend was the first of my vacation, so I was able to really focus on my writing. My sister and I spent some time at the bookstore yesterday, which is where things really caught fire. I closed out Sunday night just over 40K. The scenes I wrote were very emotional for me. Damn near started crying in the bookstore. The song I was listening to had a huge impact too. It’s the main theme from Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn. Powerful stuff.

I had hoped to push that particular plot a little further into the story, but I am in no position to argue against the muse. She wanted it in chapter nine as opposed to nineteen, and so there it went. I certainly don’t regret writing it. The fallout from the event will color a character’s thoughts and actions for the remainder of the story. It won’t be until the very end that things start to shift to normal for her. Of course, she isn’t the only one who will experience rough patches. I am nothing if not generous with pain distribution.

I hope my fellow WriMos are as caught up in the creative fervor as I am regardless of word count. I have never believed NaNo to be just about getting to 50K. For me, it’s an opportunity to write free from the handwringing and lamenting over details that sometimes plagues my creative progress during the rest of the year. All the ‘Do my characters feel real and/relatable?’ ‘Will people hate my main character because he is perceived as too good?’ and ‘Am I using too many adverbs?’ concerns mean zip in November. I wish they meant zip all year long, if I want to be honest. Agonizing over the perfection of a craft tends to lead to its stagnation. Maybe that’s why I find so many recently published books to be sorely lacking. The content has been shaped and reshaped to fit the industry standard, so yeah, it gives the impression that every book reads like every other one. Sort of puts more pressure on the author to make damn sure their characters stand out, doesn’t it? No wonder people think we’re crazy.


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