Days 13 and 14

Nearing 34K words. I am on vacation now, so I expect my word count to keep climbing. The frantic pace has slowed some, but the story is still going strong. Characters can breathe a little. It won’t last. I can promise that.

I admit my latest scene was probably not the best (or most coherent). There was ramble as I tried to figure out what it was I wanted to do. Going to probably tweak the scene so it’s less awkward. One of the characters is wracked with grief over his lover’s potential demise, and he launched into this long winded monologue that another character happened to overhear. As I’m writing it I think, “Oh wow. Might wanna change that before things get weirder.” Editing shears have not been completely tucked in a drawer. I think we all go back, even if it’s a little bit.

Music plays a large role in everything I write. I created a playlist for the project, though lately I have been listening to the God of War 3 soundtrack. Its epic scope and frenzied pace provided the perfect score for what I was doing. The below track remains my fave. Love me some Poseidon.

I recently purchased the music for God of War 2, because you can never have too much epic on your playlist.

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