NaNo day 10

After a slight sputter in the narrative, the muse caught fire and led me to 21K words as of 12:30 AM on Monday morning. I had thought to only reach 18K, too- how’s that for progress?


Today finds me approaching the illustrious halfway mark. I know there is some word repetition, introducing a character’s love interest in the heat of battle might not be the best idea I ever had, and I am almost certain I lost track of my chapters. The magic is still happening. I am having so much fun with this story. It is starting to eclipse the enjoyment I felt when working on last year’s. I think it’s because I spent so much time agonizing over certain things that it sucked some of the fun from the project. It’s different this time. This time I have rediscovered the magic of NaNo, that poignant, powerful feel of writing to just WRITE, details be dammed. That’s the inspiration I want to share with my fellow WriMos. Remember the joy of the written word, and how much fun this craft truly is. Revisions and such are problems for the future. Create NOW.

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