NaNo: Days 5-8

I have been going along at a fairly steady clip despite work, going out and a persistent migraine. I am nearly at 17K as I type this. I had hoped to get close to 20K at the end of the weekend, but I think a more realistic goal is 18K. Of course, if I get a burst and write like a madwoman, then sure, 20K is doable. Regardless, I am pleased with my progress. I have had a few bleh scenes that will probably get rewritten or deleted during the editing phase. The important thing to remember is that so long as I get the basics of my point across, the scene serves its purpose. I am building on one such scene now. The narrative is rarely a straight line. There are curves and dips in this road.

I also discovered a funny way to keep my spirits up during this frenzy of writing. Allow me to share the first of what promises to be many Skeletor Affirmations for my fellow WriMos.



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