NaNo Log, day 4

The past few days have found me seated on my couch, snug in a fuzzy blanket and happily keying away on the iPad on my lap. When I finally decided to come up for air (the eight hours of my day dedicated to work) I realized that I had over 10K words under my belt. That after a slow start Saturday afternoon, I have been plugging away with a determination that has astonished me. Do you ever stop and think that the characters, places and events appearing across that screen found their genesis in YOUR head? That there’s actually a wonderful world living inside your brain that isn’t saturated with useless trivia facts (did you know they crush the human skull when a body is cremated? Bone takes too long to burn) and flailing about how much your fantasy team needs a wide receiver? Fellow writers, take the time to stop and think about that.

As for me, I expected to come into this with some uncertainty. That I would find myself utterly lost as to how to start, or how to get things moving. Perhaps it’s because these characters have been with me for years that they are working so readily with me. Maybe it’s because I have freed myself from negative thoughts to focus only on the good in my life, and that I enter this winter with the truest sense of who and what I am. Either way, my creativity has flourished because of it. I can feel the changes in my characters as if I experienced it myself. I know, without hesitation, how they will respond, and why. And I know that resolution will bring hope for their future.

WriMos, whether your word count stands at 10K or 500, never ever forget that it’s because of you that they can be brought to life.


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