On this, the first day of NaNo

I didn’t actually start writing until after 3 PM today. My sister and I celebrated Samhain yesterday (and may my fellow witches have had a blessed Samhain as well!), so between cleaning up from our late night dinner, watching Sailor Moon Crystal and food shopping, a delayed start was to be expected. Despite this, I have over 2K words. What’s even better is that while the opening was a bit sluggish, the rest has fallen neatly into place. I have set up the characters nicely, and inserted a bit of foreshadowing into the first chapter as well. All in all a good day of writing.

Today also marks the first day I am using the iPad for writing. I still plan to buy a keyboard for it, but I am managing the touch screen fairly well. Oh, there’s still some slow down as I have to remember what button to hold down for an apostrophe or quotation marks, and it is a little annoying to have auto correct attempt to capitalize a word that isn’t meant to be a proper noun. Minor inconveniences really. I will get used to it.

Hope my fellow WriMos are finding the same kind of success I am. Happy writing!

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