Preparing for NaNo

NaNo 2014, I am ready for you. I have a viable story idea, an outline, a title (!!!), and music. I anticipate day one with great gusto. Are you ready, laptop?

Laptop? Why are you making that awful sound whenever I watch something or listen to music? Why aren’t you restarting the way you should?

Laptop? Can you hear me?

Oh. Oh my.

After conferring with my more technologically savvy boyfriend, the problem with restarting and those awful sounds means the hard drive is on its way out. It’s still working at the moment but I dread the hard drive’s eventual death, for it could not happen at a worse time. I also can’t afford to buy a new one. However, just as things were looking grim, my boyfriend has a spare working computer that he is supplying to me. He’s also giving me his iPad 3 once he receives his new one in the mail. I will be using the iPad as my notebook on the go since it can support MS Word. In NaNos past, I have either dragged my laptop with me to work or wrote in a notebook. Enabling file sharing between the iPad and my new PC will eliminate my having to play catch up with myself. I will always have the most up-to-date version on either device. Plus it’s a lot easier to carry an iPad around. Because the anticipated delivery of the new iPad is at the end of October, I may not be experiencing this convenience right away. I probably will have the notebook on hand until I can make the official switch. I’m not risking the laptop dying on me while I’m at work. My office is on the seventh floor. I’m sure I’d find a way to hurl it to the street below out of rage.

I’m extremely grateful (and lucky) to have such a considerate and understanding man. Otherwise I might be spending my NaNo like this:

rarity eat ice cream



3 comments on “Preparing for NaNo

  1. I think you’ll enjoy having a tablet. I have first gen iPad and I absolutely love it. That sucks about your laptop, though. :/

    • I will miss my laptop, but I agree: I’m almost positive I’ll love using the iPad for writing (and it holds WAY more music than my phone, whoo!). I will be getting a keyboard for it as well. I don’t think I could type effectively on a touch screen.

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