Looking ahead

With November on the horizon, I have decided to breathe new life into an old idea. It’s a fantasy adventure that follows a boy, Lucas, and his younger sister, Jewel, as they fight to protect a strange girl from her brother’s forces. For the rewrite, I am reducing Lucas’s age from 17 to 12, and Jewel is going to be 10. This plants the story in middle grade territory, which is a genre I have never attempted before. It’ll be fun to do. The plot remains the same, except without the romance. I will be focusing more on filial bonds.

Speaking of romance: After surpassing the 50K mark, I have taken a brief break from Mermaid’s Courage. The second half requires a bit more historical research. This also changes the overall tone for the story. I’m pretty sure this is why I dreamed about getting into a heated argument with my male lead. Some characters go wherever a writer steers them. Others, like Sven, are more rebellious. He wants a happy ending with his wife. Well, tough, I say. So maybe this break is more for them than it is for me. I do admit to wishing I could give them that happy ending, though.

I also submitted The Shadow Conflict to a writing contest hosted by Authors First. Winner receives a 5K cash prize as well as a contract to publish the story with The Story Plant. It ends on September 30th, so anyone with a submission-ready novel should enter. Winner is to be announced in December. Renegade was ineligible due to its previous self published status. It’s fine. It’s not the stronger of the two as far as writing goes. My one concern is should it win, I don’t have a single word of its sequel typed up. Whoops.

I should probably look into more writing contests in the future. I know most of them have a fee attached ($45 bucks would get your first chapter critiqued in one contest, WTF) but so long as it’s a reasonable fee, I can swing it. Definitely be something to sink my teeth into.


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