The show must go on

I received a sincere and honest rejection for Renegade yesterday. She said that while she found the story interesting, she didn’t fall in love with it. I value honesty about my work over anything else. It’s arrogant to automatically assume everyone will adore your story, and they’ll be falling all over themselves to sing its praises. I certainly haven’t fallen in love with every book I’ve read over the years. I think I’ve spent more time lamenting books rather than recommending them. It’s all a matter of taste.

Progress on Mermaid’s Courage is slow but it’s definitely going. I have taken to writing in my notebook or using the Notes option on my phone during the work week, and I dedicate my weekends to adding this content to the main document on Word. I have just over 12K words now, which would probably send me into fits of panic were this November. I do enjoy the relaxed atmosphere for Camp NaNo. I don’t feel like there’s a clock following me around ticking off minutes while watching me eerily.

I always feel like somebody's watching me...

I always feel like somebody’s watching me…

I’m also not worrying too much about reaching my goal (35K) by the 31st. I fully expect to continue working on this until November. The natural progression would be, ‘Hey! Let’s write a sequel to it!’ Yeah, no. This is a stand alone project. I have no idea what my November project will even be at this point. All my focus has been on cramming this with as much sugary sweet cliches that both satisfy and frustrate me because of the joy they bring. It’s so freeing to let go like this. Sometimes a writer has to indulge in literary pleasures. Finding satisfaction in other books usually doesn’t work the same way. Sure, there’s plenty of tragic romances out there, but none of them are mine. We as writers need to remind ourselves that trying to write for everyone usually ends up in disaster. Write for you. You may find a very receptive audience.

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