First draft in the books

This past week’s burst of inspiration and creativity, while shunning things like sleep, has yielded results. It is with great pride that I announce I have finished Lifeline version 1. I imagine there will be multiple versions for it in the future. There always are. But the real excitement here is that it’s the first entirely new idea I’ve completed in years. Before this, I was alternating between Renegade, its sequels and The Shadow Conflict and its follow up. It’s a good feeling.

Lifeline ended up coming in at over 90K words. Granted, the majority of it will be removed/altered (it began life as my NaNo 2013 project), and I’ve already decided to drop one of the sub-plots. While I like the idea, I thought it was starting to cross over into a universe on par with that in Supernatural or Sandman. The heart of the story dealt with Gabriel’s inner turmoil. Introducing a society of the dead or something similar would have taken that away.

The general rule of thumb encourages some distance between a writer and a finished draft to ensure an objective approach. My eagerness would have me rewind to chapter one to begin revisions now, but I think a well-deserved break is in order. Getting my sleep schedule back on track sounds like a great idea.


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