Getting the hang of it

Part of me is honestly wondering why I dreaded the synopsis so much. Once you figure out the mechanics of it (as well as what’s strictly Main Plot related), it’s pretty straightforward. I’m even starting to look at queries in a more forgiving light. It’s the whole formatting thing I hate most. Thankfully, I have access to guides to help me understand it better.

I thought I’d share the current version for The Shadow Conflict‘s synopsis. I most likely will tweak it as April 10th nears. It’s a writer’s prerogative to forever feel unsatisfied with what they produce. I also feel that even if it doesn’t net me a spot on the client list for  Writer’s Relief, it’s still been great practice for when I shop the story around. Never forget that every rejection is a learning experience, not a personal attack. Keep writing, everyone!


Serena Gulledge

Three hundred years ago, Shadow tamer Jett plunged the world into war. Since then, the tamers of Light, Earth, Wind, Water and Fire have united to prevent another uprising. Intolerance, prejudice and swift punishment are the order of the day.

As Shadow tamer, Braeden never shared the ambitions that his twin brother, Hadrian, and the rest of his family did. Despite this, he infiltrates the Citadel of Light under the guise of a servant to initiate a coup d’état. Braeden does not count on Harmony, heiress of the Light. Harmony bestows kindness and friendship, firsts for him, and in his distraction, causes the coup to fail. Though beaten back, his family leaves Braeden behind to keep up the charade, while Hadrian is chosen as Shadow’s new champion. War breaks out.

Seven years pass. Braeden, lost as to what his role is in his family’s plans, finds new purpose in Harmony’s friendship. Love for her has him side with her for elemental unity. However, just as he prepares to confess who he is, he is forced to save Harmony using his Shadow powers. Doing so has an adverse effect on her. Convinced he’d only hurt her, Braeden tells her he’s leaving. Harmony confesses her love, and the two begin a relationship. Braeden knows he must admit his role in the coup, but is too selfish of his happiness.

The romance is interrupted when Harmony tells him her fellow tamers are summoned to the Citadel. Harmony wants Braeden to meet them in order to help their cause. Braeden’s uncle, who arrived with the tamers in disguise, discovers Braeden’s betrayal and reveals him. Braeden and Harmony are forced to run, but Harmony’s mother critically wounds and captures Braeden. Before she can tell the truth to the tamers, Harmony is kidnapped by Braeden’s uncle.

The tamers spring Braeden from prison and escape the Citadel. Braeden finally confesses his part in the coup. This creates some tension among them. The journey brings them to a city occupied by Braeden’s family. Harmony is rescued, but their escape attempt is thwarted by Hadrian.

Hadrian defeats the tamers, and attacks Braeden. Hadrian taunts Braeden for his failure in the coup. Harmony uses her powers to halt their battle, but it’s too late. Braeden disappears, men in service to the elements free the city, take Harmony and the tamers to safety. Those serving Shadow scatter. Meanwhile, Braeden, half dead, reappears outside the city. A young woman finds him on the road, and loads him into her wagon.

As everyone recuperates from battle, Harmony begins to second guess her relationship with Braeden. The tamers prepare for a new mission, while Hadrian experiences changes in power and mannerisms that hint at his becoming more like his ancestor. The real war‒ the one for absolute control of the elements‒ is set to begin.


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