Holy inspiration, Batman

I’ve recently started watching The Walking Dead (four years too late, I know- I am very good at hopping aboard the caboose of the Trend Train). My sister swore up and down that I’d like Rick’s character, which I do. But the character I really, really, really, REALLY like is her.


A woman who needs no introduction.

Awesome skill with a sword aside, by the time she’s introduced, we have no idea what she’s been through, or how long she had been alone. All we know is what she’s willing to share with us, and that is very little. She’s also the first one to smell bullshit in Woodbury. As someone with a heightened sense of suspicion (which really helps my job as an investigator), I can definitely relate to her. But I didn’t bring Mishonne up to gush about how great I think her character is. I’m doing it because she’s helped to inspire a new character for the sequel to The Shadow Conflict.

The character, a twenty-something young woman I’ve named Dareen (Dari for short), is set to play a major role in my character Braeden’s development in the book. Her job is to basically whip him into shape. Smart, stealthy, and observant, she’s the perfect one to help Braeden emerge from his emotional, physical and mental state at first meeting. Dari is not affiliated with the Shadow element, like many of the others in her village, or her adopted father. Her home had given its allegiance to Wind. Dari, however, has no allegiance to anything other than her personal code. This code has her give up everything for the sake of the preservation of the happiness and well-being of others. In her, I have presented Braeden tangible proof of what he can accomplish once he gives up the things that are holding him back. Namely, his hatred for his family. Only then can he remember what’s important.

So, in conclusion, I think Dari has more than just Mishonne in her makeup. There’s also a little bit of Sailor Venus (her manga variant, anyway). I am really looking forward to writing her.



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