Ain’t no gettin’ offa this train

I love Loki. I love that he’s so emotionally unstable, and hellbent on proving himself to everyone who’s wronged him. He and I also have this in common.


As far as writing goes, anyway.

But we also have this in common.


As far as avoiding entering contests goes, anyway.

I bring this up because despite my previous post concerning #PitMad, I went and pitched The Shadow Conflict anyway. And you know what? I had a lot of fun. While no one made a request of me, I had a few people re-tweet my pitch. I re-tweeted every interesting pitch I came across as well. When I saw one of them got an agent’s attention, there was no envy from me. Hell, I was super excited! That’s the thing with me and this community: I’m way happier for other people’s successes than my own. One reader likes something of mine? Super! Swell! I’LL TAKE IT

However, I will fight tooth and nail to see someone else succeed. I don’t see other writers as competition. I see new books that could whisk me away. And I couldn’t be happier.

I’ve been enjoying lending my editing skills to the manuscript I’m critiquing. I read a sample chapter from another #PitMad participant, and I enjoyed that, too. This is what I’ve been waiting for, seriously. The opportunity to meet and exchange ideas/projects with other writers. I no longer feel like an island in a string of other creative ones, where we only occasionally talk to one another. And by this, I mean throw promos at one another. You know, I haven’t promoted Renegade since I published its current version? Whether it’s I’m no good at this selling myself thing, my focus is elsewhere, or I’ve left it to happenstance, I couldn’t tell you with certainty. I think the best reason is I get so swept up in current projects, I forget to shine the spotlight on others. I actually want to delete that version. It’s not up to snuff (despite all the editing I’ve done for it) and besides, I think its asking price is too much. Probably going to have to convert it to a Kindle file one of these days. Gotta go where the market is.

In between critiquing, I’ve once again found myself at a crossroads. Do I resume working on Lifeline, or do I start churning out queries for The Shadow Conflict? I’m thinking no on the query thing, at least for now. I’d like to pass it around to different readers. I want to gauge interest, see if it’ll stand a chance in a YA fantasy market currently saturated with dystopia epics. I mean, who doesn’t love forbidden romance? I can think of several popular titles that have embraced this cliche. One of them will be making a return, very soon.



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