Narrowing the focus

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about the readiness of my writing projects this past week, particularly the one I planned to submit for #PitMad. Aside from editing it for the umpteenth time, I recently agreed to be critique partner with a member of the message board at CP Seek. I need another pair of eyes that aren’t mine to go over The Shadow Conflict. There’s also the fact that should my pitch garner interest, I have nothing to submit aside from the manuscript itself. No synopsis, no formal query, nothing. Maybe I’m jumping the gun a bit (I have a higher chance of NOT getting a request) but I hate going into anything unprepared. Wouldn’t want to pique interest only to be like, ‘Sorry, I wasn’t being completely serious about this thing.’ All the writers who submit to contests go in with their all. I have drive and a completed manuscript. It’s not going to be enough if I intend agents to take me seriously. So I will not be joining the madness this year. Next year, though- THAT’S a different story.

Committing to being a critique partner has also forced me to withdraw from Camp NaNo. It wouldn’t be fair for me not to give someone else’s project the attention it deserves.

To those of you who are doing it:

cas thumbs up

“Good luck!”

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