Up Next: #PitMad and CampNaNoWriMo

March 25th will find me joining the #PitMad event on Twitter. Premise is to pitch an unsolicited, completed manuscript in 140 words or less when a participating agent is online. Renegade‘s self-published status renders it ineligible (to me, anyway) and Lifeline is nowhere near ready, so I have chosen my YA fantasy romance, The Shadow Conflict, for this. I admit, pitching anything of mine to non-friends and family is ground I have yet to tread, and even then it wasn’t guaranteed. Someone would ask, ‘So, what is this story about?’ I’d get as far as, ‘Uh. Stuff.

rick things

Rick knows what it’s like!

Point here is that summarizing, let alone pitching, was not my strong suit. I’ve spent the past few days checking out websites that provide helpful hints (such as Tips For Pitching and Querying Agents ). I have the first sentence down, and I like it. A lot. As for a closer, ever know what you want to say, but can’t quite figure out how to say it? Yeah, that’s where I am now. In between trying to polish my pitching skills, I’ve been giving the story an editorial facelift. My intent was to use correct forms of punctuation and single space after the periods (I have been double spacing after periods since high school), but I also found a few issues with parts of the narrative and plot. For instance, there’s a scene between the two leads that is just so out of place, I still don’t know why I left it in there. Maybe it was a reluctance to clip a section with nice descriptions, who knows. My sentimental attachments to scenes are spontaneous. Seriously, if you have a manuscript ready, why not pitch? Hope to see some of you there!

Along with #PitMad, I have decided to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo this year. I had heard of it in years past, but I never considered joining. This year, I figure what the hell? I love the camaraderie, the idea of a goal, and knowing others have their noses to the grindstone as they feverishly work to give birth to a 50K word baby. Camp is more of a retreat, so there’s less pressure of absolutely having to make a word count goal each day to get to 50K at month’s end. There’s more flexibility, and you have the opportunity to join virtual ‘cabins’ with other writers. The opportunity to get feedback is a big win with me.

As for my project, I have this feeling it’s going to change as April 1st nears. I had previously mentioned wanting to try fleshing out a possible sequel for Lifeline, but being back in my fantasy world has me considering book two for The Shadow Conflict. We’ll see. I could just keep working on Lifeline (getting close to the end!). No matter what I end up focusing on, I know I’ll enjoy it. I thrive on these writer events. I love being a part of the community. I follow many writers on Twitter, but sadly most are only interested in throwing promos at you. Start to feel like this guy.



Participating in Camp NaNo? You can find me as Jonquil Aries if you’re interested in connecting with me. I’d love to read what you have!


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