You’ve just won NaNoWriMo; what are you gonna do now?

In regards to my entry title, going to Disneyland is not an option available for post-NaNo celebrations. But, like in Disneyland, the wonderful group behind NaNoWriMo have provided a means to make dreams come true.

The bounty of items made available to winners is nothing short of wondrous. I admit, I had some difficulty in deciding what was best for me. Some of them provided discounted services from publishers such as CreateSpace and BiblioCrunch, others free books, free writing software (Aeon Timeline and Storyist Software), to name a few. I decided to go with’s Let’s Go Wrimos Wrimo Accelerator. It includes a free manuscript review by The Book Genome Project, and a free hardcover edition of the story through Since Lifeline is incomplete at this time, I will get more from the review than anything else. I’m looking forward to what the review says. I know it’s just a first draft (continuity errors are pretty frequent); still, the suggestions and critiques will be great in helping me tighten the narrative. I don’t think I can properly define just how much this particular story means to me. I mean, I’ve written lots of stories over the years. Some have featured great characters saddled by weak plots, while others had great plots saddled with weak characters. Lifeline is that rare combination of great characters and plot. I think, anyway. I don’t know if the market is lucrative for its genre, and frankly? I don’t really care. I’m just so thrilled with it as a whole. Proof that there’s still some fresh ideas in my head. Huzzah!

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