NaNoWriMo Udate: I Came, I Saw, I Won

Charlie Sheen said it best

Charlie Sheen said it best

I did it! I succeeded in breaking 50K today (50,195 to be exact). Normally I would have posted the winning graphic from NaNo’s website but for some reason, it keeps telling me I have about 48K. I have proof, however!

word count proof

I will try validating the document again tomorrow; for now, I shall revel in my success. The story is nowhere near done, but I got one hell of a head start. I am not taking a break. I am going into December like it’s November Part Deux. I refuse to sit back on my laurels on this. I have every intention of completing this first draft. All other projects have been summarily swept aside. Gabriel has me enthralled. I don’t foresee him letting me go anytime soon.

For now, however, I shall retire. To those of you who have also succeeded in NaNo, congrats! For those who haven’t yet, don’t give up! Nothing’s gonna stand in your way!

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