Nom de plume

Years ago, a female author had to adopt a pen name in order to get published. That’s not the case anymore, though some authors have adopted other identities for books. I used to read a lot of Madeline Baker’s stuff back in high school; one of my faves (read: guilty pleasures) by her was a book called ‘Sunlight, Moonlight.’ She had written it as Amanda Ashley.

Here is the part where I admit that was what planted the idea of a pen name into my head. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I thought my real name sounded too harsh when read aloud, so I wanted something prettier. Something that rolled off the tongue. Something that elicited an air of mystery. (Hey, I was a hell of a pretentious teen XD) That eventually led to the creation of Jonquil Aries. It was inspired by my astrological sign, and the flower it ruled. Oddly enough, I ended up using it as an online alias, or as my signature on a piece of art I drew. As years passed, I adopted a secondary online alias, Saronna Rouge. I ended up naming a character in Renegade Saronna because of it.

I have to laugh at thinking that kind of anonymity was important to me. Then again, I’ve had plenty of time to appreciate myself as a person. I’m more than a name. 🙂

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