NaNoWriMo Update: Never give up, never surrender

I’ve been so busy adding to my word count I’ve neglected to keep the interested updated. Such is life for Wrimos every November. Sometimes it’s difficult to focus on the mundane rituals of daily life when there’s a fantastic story brimming at your fingertips.

In honor of the winning validations that begins this week, let me send congrats to those of you who have reached that milestone! I am sitting pretty at 44,626 words now. Given the way things are progressing, I anticipate to reach the finish line either on or before the 30th. The fact that I will soon be hoisting my flag at the summit of the 50K mountain is a very exciting occasion for me. Success this year means I will have broken the pattern I’ve established since 2009. Both ideas attempted in ’09 and ’11 were original, and both ideas tanked at the halfway mark. Not this year, however! Gabriel, Maria, Evelyn and Crew refuse to go quietly into the night. They have a story to tell, and by the gods, I will be their vessel. I know 50K doesn’t mark the end of the story, either. It’s only the beginning as far as I’m concerned.

So, fellow Wrimos, I leave you with this parting message, beautifully conveyed through one of my fave characters from Supernatural:

cas thumbs up

“Good luck!”

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