What’s in a word count

I know November 9th was NaNo’s No Word Gets Left Behind pledge, but I didn’t rise to the challenge. Not because I didn’t think I could do it; more like ‘Hey, I’m kinda sleepy, lemme take a nap instead.’ XD Plus I have a lot of free time coming up. I’ll be back on track. Well, provided I remember there is a Main Plot to this, and it’s not just about introspective into Gabriel’s past. Muse is an eager beaver. When she falls in love with a character, she does it hard.

Also checked out Thor: The Dark World last night. I’m a big big big big Loki/Tom Hiddleston fan- so much so that I used him as the face and body model for my character Thomas from NaNo 2011’s Tainted. I didn’t reach 50K that year, but I did go back some months later and started writing again. I eventually turned my attention to Renegade, yet Tainted was always in the back of my mind. I knew how the story would proceed from where I left off, as well as how it’d end. Last night’s viewing gave more flesh to that ending. The scenes played out in my head so nicely, too. I was like, ‘Damn. Now THAT will be awesome!’ It was enough to bring Tainted back into the foreground. I couldn’t tell you if it’ll be my next project or I will resume the edit/rewrite for Exile (Simon is another character my muse loves dearly) but either way, I’ll be busy.

My focus now, however, belongs to Gabriel. I’m loving this story so far. It’s becoming something I didn’t even expect. I anticipate further surprises as the month goes on. Yeah booooooiiiiiii


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