Secret of my success

As NaNoWriMo approaches day nine, I find myself slightly behind schedule as far as word count goes. There were a few days where I was too tired to focus, or I spent time watching my boyfriend play Castlevania: Lords of Shadow (great game btw, even with the fixed camera). Despite these distractions, the drive is as alive as it ever was. I broke 14K tonight, and I expect to add to my word count as the week progresses. Some people take time off in November for Thanksgiving. Not me.

Music has always played a huge part in my writing process. Tonight was exceptionally profitable thanks to the soundtrack for Castlevania. It’s got fast-paced, hectic melodies for battle and slow, melancholic melodies for emotional scenes. I was writing a scene where Gabriel and his sister, Sophia, have a serious talk in his car. The music turned an otherwise mundane situation into an epic of sweeping proportions: suddenly the topic of conversation had meaning, and consequence. It alluded to the ongoing conflict Gabriel has with his abilities, and how those abilities directly affect his relationship with Maria. There is a rich, untapped vein of emotion within him concerning Maria, one that I have every intention of bringing to light. He won’t like me much for it; hell, he probably has spent all this time denying its existence he won’t much like himself for it. One of his biggest character flaws is his need to run away from issues like this. He just isn’t equipped to deal with it. He’s gonna learn.

Anyway, I thought I’d share the music with all of you. Give it a listen!

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