Update: NaNoWriMo 2013

After a somewhat slow start this past weekend, I have broken 8K tonight. It’s funny: you go into a story with a basic idea of what to do, yet the scenes unfold in completely different ways. The characters discover their voices and start telling you what’s up.

I was not quite ready for just how emotionally vulnerable Gabriel was. He’s showing me that despite his somewhat stand-offish behavior, inside he’s so broken he may never be the same. A lot of his pain is self-inflicted thanks to his decisions. The trials he is set to face as the story progresses will threaten his integrity even more. I would not be surprised if I end up wanting to protect him, even as I continuously throw him into the heart of the fire.  What he thinks of as the source of all his woe is in fact his salvation.

Gabriel Belmont and his wife, Marie, from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

Gabriel Belmont and his wife, Marie, from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow









I also cannot be helped but be somewhat influenced by the tragedy of the characters above. Hell, they even share my characters’ names. If that’s not a sign as to where Gabriel’s characterization is going, or his true relationship with Maria, I don’t know what is. Plus I have a soft spot for tragedy. I love it. I’m good at it. And, according to my boyfriend, my characters ‘shouldn’t be alive, cause all I want to do is make their life hell.’

To this I say it’s a writer’s prerogative, nay, DUTY, to throw the characters into the frying pan. Stories of suffering tend to stand out in a reader’s mind versus an endlessly happy one, especially when the author allows for some triumphs. It gives the painful ordeals meaning, even closure. It’s not just the tragedies of Gabriel and Maria that drive this story: it’s Evelyn’s, it’s the story behind the ghost boy, it’s the families of all those affected by this haunting.

Oh my. I have this terrible feeling I’m going to end up crying myself through this NaNo.



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