At the starting gate

Once again I apologize for my silence. Life, work, relationships, television shows (Supernatural, The Tomorrow People) and video games (Tell Tale’s The Walking Dead and Skyrim) have proved quite effective against all intent to keep outlining my NaNo. But now that D Day looms near, I have fixed my eye on it. 

I have roughly a quarter or so of the story outlined thus far. I know how I will open it up; the rest will come to me as I go. I have seen the term ‘pantser’ in other blogs, but I don’t think it’s something to be ashamed about. NaNo embraces the very element of writing off the seat of your pants. This is key in keeping the drive alive, I think. The fact you have as little clue as the characters over what to expect next keeps a fresh perspective. Things like details and inevitable continuity issues have no place at this stage of your story creation. You are a kid with a crayon and a big, blank sheet of paper. Scribble away!


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