Other writings

I will be adding a tab dedicated to this subject, but I thought I’d share the link with everyone on my main blog as well. I have a page at Scribd.com where I have posted some of my favorite works. All the stories featured here are projects I hope to return to the near future; of the three available, only The Shadow Conflict: Book One is complete.  Tainted was the subject for my 2011 NaNoWriMo. Enjoy!

The Shadow Conflict: Book One

“She was heiress of Light. No matter where she went, people would love her. He was heir to Shadow. No matter where he went, people would hate him.”

Caeher, a world where the very elements are revered through representatives called elemental tamers, has viewed Shadow with great misgivings. Lady Helena’s rule sees them oppressed, stripped of hope and status, all in her crusade to keep her ancestor Lailie’s decree alive. But the mistreatment fuels Shadow’s cause, thrusting Caeher into another war.

Seventeen year old Harmony, heiress of Light, is sole champion of the shadow people. Defying her mother, she has made it her duty to see the elements reunited. This culminates in her love for Braeden, the heir of Shadow. With the elements banding together against Shadow, the two young people must overcome years’ worth of mistrust if their love is to survive.

Fallen Star

Seventeen-year old Lucas is studying to become an astronomer like his father, but when he and his little sister, Jewel, discover the body of an unconscious girl lying within a crater, everything he knows about stars changes. Charged with protecting Star, the siblings embark on a journey not just beyond their imaginings, but of self discovery as well.


“Forsaken and forgotten wife of the liar. The path ahead of you is as twisted as he, and will bring its darkness upon you. Forsaken and forgotten not, but tainted forevermore.”

When Catherine Chandler married Thomas Caine, she had every hope that her life would change for the better. However, tragedy soon strikes: Thomas is murdered, and she succumbs after losing their unborn child.

But this is only the beginning of her plight. For upon her death, she learns she has been sold into eternal servitude to the gods by her own husband, who is revealed to be none other than the trickster god, Loki.

Heartache turns into desperate determination as Catherine seeks to make Loki pay for his deceit, heedless of the cost it will be to her own soul.

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