Flexing the creative muscles

I know it’s a bit early to be doing anything like this, but I am so excited about NaNo this year I can’t help but want to experiment. This is also part of my writing process.

Typically, I will take new characters and insert them into a scene that may or may not be appear in the main story.  It’s my way of giving them a test drive. Many of these scenes are character interactions versus dramatic scenes- although there have been times when I’ll drop characters into the eye of the hurricane to see how they get out of it.

The following scenario focuses on Maria. It gives me not just a glimpse into her heart, but how she will be able to handle future situations that might force her to act against her wishes. Read on!


Gabriel had changed.

It went beyond his face, haggard now even in sleep. Beyond the way he guarded himself. For Maria, who had once found comfort in being connected to him, it was an emotional blow she did not know how to recover from.

She gazed down at his sleeping form in silence, her heart aching anew. The wards he had placed around his bed created a barrier that would banish her if she crossed. The isolation brought forth memories of her time at the hospital, and she moaned softly. Items on the dresser trembled slightly as a result of her distress.

Distress had been what lured Maria into the ICU that night, over thirty years ago. She had only been an echo then, bound to an inexplicable sadness that kept her on earth. Seeing Gabriel’s parents and sister crowding his bedside, the fear and sorrow in their eyes, had awakened something in Maria. In that moment she knew she didn’t want him to die. And so, just as his spirit was being drawn from his body, Maria was there to embrace him. Deep down, Maria knew that she was breaking a cardinal rule; as she gently cradled Gabriel’s spirit in her arms, felt the warmth of him surge through her, she had no thought of any consequence. Gabriel had given her substance, purpose, and, as the years passed, a home.

Maria inched closer to the barrier, flinched when its power caused the surface of her outstretched hand to fluctuate. Slowly, she retracted her hand. Once, she had been Gabriel’s ward against unwanted spirits. Now she was the unwanted spirit.

Maria gave another soft moan, and the mirror hanging on the wall trembled. Gabriel stirred in his sleep, rolled over so his back was to her. The covers slipped away to exposed his upper shoulder, and the long cuts there– the end result of tonight’s run in with the spirit. Maria despaired at seeing them; she had been unable to spare him in time, for the spirit had overpowered her as well. She knew they would have to reconnect if they were to find any success. Sophia did too, and though Gabriel’s flat refusal had hurt, Maria wasn’t going to let the spirit hurt him anymore. She also couldn’t deny how part of her yearned for their connection. Needed it. She had been so empty these last few years.

Unwilling to let Gabriel suffer, Maria forced her way through the barrier– it took everything she had not to disappear- took hold of the covers and, as she often did when he was a child, drew them over him. She held on long enough to sense the warmth of Gabriel’s soul before she felt her corporeal form dissolve not into utter darkness, but into the tiny, flickering light that bound them.

I will not let anyone hurt you, she swore to him, and knew nothing else.


There you have it! I expect to be dabbling with other scenarios like this as November 1st draws closer. Can’t you tell I’m eager?

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