The method continues

I am finding more success with The Snowflake Method than I originally thought.  Please allow me to introduce you to Gabriel’s two female co-stars, Maria Cavanaugh and Evelyn Wright!

Maria Cavanaugh

A victim of the 1918 influenza pandemic that struck Philadelphia, Maria Cavanaugh’s spirit had haunted the city’s main hospital until she prevented Gabriel’s soul from crossing over when he was three years old.

Since then she has formed a strong attachment to Gabriel; she is both sister and mother to him. Her motivation is to protect him, which coincides with her heartfelt wish to be with him always. While Maria loves him dearly, the years apart has put a strain on their relationship. This in turn affects how they must work together. Once the case is over, and despite knowing her presence in Gabriel’s life makes him more vulnerable to spirits like Adam, Maria vows to stay by his side to protect him.

Maria’s life was cut short when she died after exposure to influenza during the 1918 pandemic. She has very little memory of who she was before she died; her soul was bound to the hospital by strong feelings of loneliness and fear. With her soul cast adrift in the hospital, Maria wandered the corridors for decades until she met Gabriel as a young boy. He was on his way to the other side when she saw how his family grieved for him. Once she guided him back to his body, the end result transferred her attachment to him, as well as the ability to help spirits cross over. In turn, she found something to ease her loneliness.

Evelyn Wright

Once a successful partner in a firm specializing in children’s psychology, Evelyn Wright’s focus turned to the paranormal after losing both husband and her two sons in a car accident.

Exposure to the field has introduced her to the concept of trapped spirits, and the reasons that keep them on the earthly plane. She is in Doylestown in order to research the truth behind the haunted farm. The instant residents hear about what she’s doing, they refuse to speak to her. After recognizing Gabriel and threatening to reveal his identity, she secures a place in the investigation. When she comes across some familiar names and places associated with the farm, Evelyn realizes that her role in the story is of a far more personal nature.

Born and raised in Philadelphia to lower working class parents, Evelyn learned early that the only way to get what you want is to go after it yourself. But losing her family knocked the pillar of her strength askew, and she has been struggling to reclaim stability ever since. She believes that by publishing her book, it will help her find closure to her own sorrow.

Evelyn really surprised me with this step.  She was a blank slate to me, and now I know she carries a heavy burden in her heart. It also opens up so much opportunity when it comes to the plot. Methinks this method has much to show me about this story!




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