My first review, and thoughts on the process

My friend recently finished reading Renegade, and posted a review on the Amazon page.  It’s always fascinating to read how someone else interprets your writing.  I mean, we all go into the process with a basic plan.  I approach all projects with the following list: 1) who’s in it, 2) what’s the conflict, and 3), how is it resolved.  Early on in my writing career I had been so focused on those core elements I actually lost touch with my characters.  I began looking at them as tools in order to move the plot forward, nothing more.  That in itself is bad; if the writer cannot convey what the character is feeling, how can the reader be expected to empathize? Fortunately this flaw of mine was pointed out in enough time for me to make the necessary adjustments to the story.  If these changes hadn’t been made, this might be a totally different review.  Here is what she had to say about it:

This is good, believable science fiction. I find that a lot of science fiction tries too hard – with hard science as the foundation for much of the description. In “Renegade”, we take several different character POVs, both from some of the alien races that the author introduces, and from the human who is pulled into the action. Being as such, we have a really diverse set of perspectives – both an insider’s perspective and an outsider, that felt very solid and believable. One thing many authors forget is that the individual POVs do not always have all of the information that lies in the backbone of their story. We are not all rocket scientists, and we do not all know how everything works. This was well executed in the various characters – and the “science” felt solid without being overbearing.

Without revealing too much of the story, I’d say that what we have is a very good beginning for a longer work. It includes a lot of theatrical elements: subtle character progression and well written action sequences. Though admittedly the beginning feels a bit awkward (this is her first published novel – so don’t be quick to judge!) the story really transitions well and you can really feel that the author became more comfortable as the story progressed.

The Alien races introduced are believable and interesting, and the main characters are quite relatable while still holding on to the transitions needed as they go through their action-packed (and sometimes stressful) journey.

I’m definitely going to pick up the next volume when it comes out. There are a lot of unanswered questions that are well placed for a sequel. I strongly suggest this, especially to those who enjoy the more fantastical elements of sci-fi, and to those who wish to support our new and self-published authors! Writing is hard work!   

The best part about this is not only have I received an honest critique (anyone else I asked didn’t seem able to define strengths/weaknesses of my writing) it helps get my creative drive into high gear.  Whether a writer has one fan or millions hanging on for the next installment, it’s one great motivator.  Thank you again, my lovely, for the honest review and for the support! 🙂

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