Not quite done

The other night my sister kindly submitted a few sample pages to a writer she talks to on Twitter.  While I wasn’t expecting a stellar review (it was a 3-4 page scene) he did recommend submitting the story to a professional editor.  Every published book goes through the editing process, so I didn’t take it as a negative opinion concerning the writing.  CreateSpace does offer editing services, but I decided to look into freelance editors.  So far I’ve contacted two, one of which offers free sample evaluations.  I sent her the first 2500 words; in the meantime I will reach out to the other woman to ask about possible pricing.  Most editors charge according to word count.  I expect to be shelling out a couple hundred regardless of who I go with.  It’s a worthy investment.  I’d much rather have a solid story out there rather than a half-assed one because I was too impatient or too ignorant to fully comprehend the steps involved in publishing.

Despite this, I have continued to think on Exile and Savior.  The latter recently experienced some new plot elements I didn’t consider a year ago, and the former could be in for some major revamping.  There’s some leftover subplots in it that need to go.  Also a few scenes sitting in my head that need to be implemented, random character quirks, things of that sort.  

  As for this blog: isn’t it terribly boring? I was reading over my other one for my YA fantasy and wow, it’s so informative! I will be introducing character studies to this place, a few tidbits of what went into the story’s creation, what music is associated with it, etc.  Stick with me, everyone! I promise dropping by this little corner of the universe will be worth your time.

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