After months of edits, more edits and a hiccup with the first cover image I had chosen, I am pleased to announce that the first book in The Xabeldi Chronicles, Renegade, is available for purchase! The link will send you to the online store through  The title will become available on Amazon and Amazon Europe within five to seven business days.

Now let’s talk a little about me: I was born and raised in central New Jersey, and have been living in eastern Pennsylvania since 2012.  I first started writing short stories back when I was twelve years old.  These mostly consisted of ideas that was inspired from all the times my sister and I would play with our toys.  My love for the written word- particularly fiction stories- grew as I went into high school.  I was the kid who didn’t groan when book reports were issued or when we were tasked with coming up with original pieces for homework.  I was constantly writing throughout high school.  My very first piece of fanfiction was based on The Phantom of the Opera.  The second was for Disney’s ‘Gargoyles’; of course, I didn’t call them fic back then.  More like reinterpretations.  Whoops showing my age.  Ahem moving on.

Despite my love for writing, I was hesitant to share my stories with others outside of my sister and a few close friends.  I hated having my stuff read aloud in school (it happened a lot, much to my chagrin).  I remember the day my brother came across a fanfic based off the movie ‘Darkman’ (REEEEEALLY showing my age here XD) and he read it to my parents.  When I came home from school to find out I was mortified.  It didn’t matter that he said it was good.  I wasn’t ready to expose my soul just yet.  That didn’t happen until the advent of the internet, and a little game called Final Fantasy 7.  Once my FF7 fic, ‘Frozen’, became a hit I was finally able to get over my reluctance to let others read my stories.

In between discovering my love for fanfiction and the joys of teh interwebs, I realized I wanted to do something original.  I wanted to become a published author.  Thus began my foray into original writing.  I had read a lot of romance, fantasy and science fiction growing up, and I chose fantasy as my gateway genre.  For years I created, wrote, re-wrote and scrapped countless ideas before I committed to an epic fantasy titled The Last Hero.  I spent three years just writing the damn thing; to date it remains the longest title I’ve done.  It clocked in at about 1200 pages before I took the editing shears to it and shipped it to a publishing house.  I admit, I took its rejection hard.  I stopped writing for a while.  But once the writing bug grabs you, it doesn’t let go.  So I shelved it for the time being and turned my thoughts- and determination- to other things.

2004-2005 marked the simultaneous birth of three different titles: a young adult fantasy, a tragic love story about reincarnation, and an action/adventure science fiction piece.  Of the three, only two were completed.  When I got tired of wrestling with the intricacies of the young adult fantasy I turned to the sci-fi.  And that brings us to today.

Renegade has seen its fair share of revisions since I first typed ‘The End’ on it in 2005.  It holds the record for initial completion for me (six months) as well as having the most artwork.  But that’s not why I decided to venture into the publishing market with it.  I did it because I felt the story was engaging enough to interest others.  Of all the stories I’ve written or started writing, none of the characters stuck to me as closely as Simon and Autumn.  They feel the most real to me.  It will be a sad day when I write ‘The End’ on the last title in the series.  I can promise it will be a good ending, for everyone.

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