Powered by Editing, better than the Energizer Bunny

So I received the proof for Renegade earlier this week.  Thank goodness for physical copies I say.  It really gives you the sense of what it’s like holding your book in your hand, maybe even bring a smile as you picture others doing the same. 

The not so good aspect is you see just how truly limited your options are with self publishing.

I went with Createspace.com courtesy of a blog I had visited concerning publishing.  Unfortunately, I can’t recall what blog that was; otherwise I would share the link here.  It might not be as well known as Lulu.com but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.  I’ll save bad self publishing houses for another entry.  However, if I have ignited your curiosity, head over to Predators and Editors here: http://pred-ed.com/peba.htm  It’s a great resource for fellow budding writers, and offers a comprehensive list of publishing houses, agents and vanity presses- the good, the bad and the ugly.  I will definitely go back to this topic later- I have a few stories of my own to add, consequently all featuring Renegade by its former title, “Key of the Xabeldi.”

Right, back to the limitations set by self-publishing.  Take a look at what my stellar choices during the set up process resulted in:


Just look at it.  I have a long way to go before I can declare it market worthy.  Self publishing is not an excuse to be lazy; if anything, it should encourage us to be at our best, maybe even rise above what we perceive to be our best.  So I anticipate I will be working at its look for a bit. As a writer, I am certainly no stranger to the old adage, ‘Back to the drawing board.’

These are minor gripes, friends.  The thing to remember is never give up! Sure, the work involved might be time consuming and/or frustrating (I was ready to spit nails at how often I had to upload the file before it was cleared of errors) but definitely, definitely well worth it in the end. 

Happy writing!

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