Self promoting is a good thing


The Xabeldi Chronicles isn’t the only written work I have completed.  Right around the same time I began work on the series, I was dabbling in a fantasy series that had so many rewrites I’m surprised it managed to stick together long enough to become a story.  Despite that, I managed to finish the first book in The Shadow Conflict.  You can find it here: Its content is primarily focused on the story, the world and its characters.  Sadly I haven’t touched it since January 2012.  It had always been my intent to add more but other things distracted me.  One of the reasons I am so gung-ho about my current project is I don’t want it to waste away as so many of my other ideas have.  Because of this I made it my 2013 resolution to pick an idea and stick with it, no matter what.  Which brings me here.  In any case, thanks for reading and expect more updates!

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